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Hello guys its been a week now since I started to challenge myself to stop drinking any soft drinks, but last night I failed. Last night mhe-mhe and I went to her school because her cousin who is a seaman just visited his brother and sister, so me and mhe-mhe brought a half gallon of ice cream and loaf bread, while they are busy talking they gave us this soft drinks and since I was kinda thirsty and don’t want to drink water from any places so I had no choice but to drink just 1 bottle of soft drinks.

When I was done drinking that bottle I was kinda frustrated that I have failed my challenge but when I saw mhe-mhe she was holding a bottle of water and just thought if I drink more water than the soft drink maybe it will be alright, so I asked for the bottle of water and drank almost all of it.

So any guys to all of you trying to quit drinking soft drinks and you are on some weird or new places and you are not very sure if the water is good, just bring or buy a bottled water with you.


Anyway I’m still going to continue the challenge, “no body said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this hard” ( I think this line is from Coldplay).


Anyway guys please leave a comment and let me know your advices.

Here is the link to my previous post:


Quitting Drinking Soft drinks Challenge Day 1





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