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Being simple doesn’t mean you have to use less creativity on your websites but you have to plan which part of your site you need to invest more in terms of design. Basically investing a lot of weird graphics on your background won’t be helpful in terms of conversion. You concentrate more on what are you offering.

1. The simplest solution is the best solution

Try asking yourself if you were given a list of possible solutions to your problem which solution are you going to choose?

  • Easy solution
  • Moderate solution
  • Hard solution

I bet that you are going to try and check the easiest solution first. Because naturally humans will try any means necessary to solve a problem faster and with minimal steps. So having a website that is created with the idea of simplicity without sacrificing the effectiveness by removing noises and non related things throughout the site, people will start to notice your site faster.

2. People don’t read, they scan

People when they visits a site they don’t usually read all of the contents but they scan and those flashy designs will attract attention. So having a specific attention grabber specially on the important stuff would increase conversion and would have a high chance of visitors noticing the stuff that you are offering.

Don’t invest to much attention grabber on your site if its not important because visitors will have different things to notice and might not be the things that you are offering.

3. Simplicity helps minimize noise

The purpose of simplicity is that we need to minimize the noise and remove certain features on your site that doesn’t help on selling your products or advertising your services.

When people visits a site they need to know answers and what are the benefits ASAP. If you can’t provide those questions they will look for another site so you’re site is not the simpler solution and they will look for other solutions.

So having a concise plan and a specific target would make your decision making more easier since you don’t need to implement those non related things to your site, you just need to follow the plan and focus more on the target.

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