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Description: Easy Food Offers you Quick Recipes and Meals, Ideas, Cuisine at home and more

My Critique:

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I was just blown away with the simplicity and minimalistic approach that this site has. Very straight forward and very easy to navigate and I guarantee that you won’t get lost when you’re visiting this site.

The blog is very awesome with amazing images/photos added to the post it sure does make your mouth watery. Though there are some parts of the site I want to customize and that is first the size of the text, it’s a little bit small for me.

Size of the text

When I viewed the site for the first time I really need to do some focusing and zooming to read the text and I’m only 24 years old (I might have a problem with my eyes, maybe I need a checkup), I can’t imagine how people older than me feels and I think most of the visitors here are older maybe around 37-45 years old or above but I could be wrong.

So in my opinion changing the size of the text to around maybe 15 pixels should do the trick.


I noticed that I couldn’t find the about page on the navigation just below the logo, so I was having a little bit of trouble identifying what is this site all about. But when some effort and scrolling I saw the page and it was at the bottom of the sidebar with the heading Navigation.

For me I would place the About Us and the Contact Us at the main navigation because these pages are 2 of the most important information that visitors would look first and it would look something like this


And the BLOG menu would have sub pages and it would look like this





Overall the site looks awesome and its pretty fast so it is really a work of art and you can visit them at


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