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We Are Wired Differently

I read this article in the news paper The New York Times and it talks about how the young generation get distracted by technology and gadgets. Many students now spend more time checking out facebook reading blogs(Like reading my blog hehe). But our generation specially me spends more time in the internet, we are wired differently. Our generation now can do multitasking when we are in the internet, yes we can (reading emails, adding new status in facebook, texting, reading blogs and more).

Now this is just my idea, I might be wrong or I might be right(I hope). If we bring the education up online. What i’m trying to say is this school will get a hosting provider so that they can host websites, give every teachers a subdomain so teachers have their own website install maybe wordpress since its fast and easy to use(totally simple and easy), and find a way to make students visit your site like tell the students that their assignments or tests can be found and answered directly in your website now HOW COOL IS THAT?

As for me technology and gadgets aren’t distractions for students in our generation, the problem is that teachers and students haven’t found a way to integrate it together with school work. Turn your downs to ups, no to yes, worst to best.



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