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I read this article regarding how should you tweet and what are the things you need to tweet.

1. Me now. If a tweet answers the question, ‘What are you doing right now?’ don’t send it. Unless you’re a celebrity, people don’t care about your every move.

It is really annoying when almost every move you make you tweet it and every thought or plan on doing you tweet it. But if you tweet useful stuff then I think that would be more useful for followers.

People wants to have information that would solve problems. Talking about your life is not helpful for them because it is your life not theirs but if you talk about your life and add helpful tips or updates regarding latest news, music etc people will love to know more about you.

2. Whining. Don’t complain about something unless you’re also giving useful advice. Just like in person, people on Twitter don’t like to listen to moaning. Totally agree with this if you want to whine add reasons why, like

“oh i hate the avengers movie it sucks” Not interested or people don’t care

“oh i hate the avengers movie it sucks, because it has less action” For me this triggers curiosity.

I think my examples are not that convincing but if you get what i’m saying then your good to go

3. Presence maintenance. Don’t send a tweet for the sake of making your presence known. Instead of typing ‘Good morning, world’ wait until you have something insightful or useful to share.” Guys please don’t do this you’re clogging my twitter dashboard with useless posts

I’m going to summarize everything in 3 words DONT TWEET USELESS THINGS!

To add to the list

4. Don’t tweet your location, any personal info, like where you’re planning to go, what time, or your main address. If people are really watching you for some bad intentions you are giving out crucial information and could jeopardize your safety and security of your family, friends and also yourself.




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