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For Thesis framework owners who are still in 1.8.5 and are afraid or not convinced to shift to Thesis 2, have you experience something like this?

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It keeps telling you to Upgrade Thesis but you don’t want to because you hate or you don’t like the latest and just want to stick with your current Thesis version.

Well we are on the same boat, right now I love 1.8.5 version (I think this is the last version for Thesis 1). I found a solution with this issue (Yehey!!!) and there are two ways to solve this issue.

  • This is because of your caching plugin, if you have like WP-Cache or W3 Total Cache plugin installed try deactivating it first or remove cached and just to be safe remove your browser cached also.
  • The second one is try to activate WordPress’s default theme the twenty twelve or twenty eleven i think it doesn’t matter what theme you activate (not sure though) once that is done activate your Thesis again and that should solve the issue

The second option works for me though so I don’t know if there are more workaround for this issue, if you know something don’t hesitate to share it with us by leaving a comment below thanks.


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