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Ah . . . its been so long that i have felt this way before, first I recently just check this guy’s website and while I was checking it out the content was kinda familiar to my site and the funny thing here is that I know him and he knows me also. This guy is a copy-cat can’t even write contents for himself that really made me mad so I took a nap just to relax my mind and my heart I was about to go to the underworld and break things there, anyway when I woke up one of my trusted friend told me this conversation he have with some she-guy (Its not that he/she is a lesbian or gay its just me and my friend don’t know the gender), anyway my friend told me that she-guy was complaining about some work and I don’t understand why since the task was simple.

Bottom line here is that if you don’t know how to do things DON’T PRETEND as if you know everything just be direct and second if you don’t know how to write cool contents DON’T COPY because if you always do this time will come that you will be punished by law. Today I met the COPY-CAT and THE PRETENDER (Cool name right? Don’t try to copy this)

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