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The reason why some people increase their performance as well as success is because of not doing the bad habits which will be explained in the article. There are certain habits that you should omit in order to increase productivity in your work.

What the blog is all about:

The blog is all about the bad habits you should avoid if you want to be more effective.

  1. Do Not Answer Calls from Unrecognized Phone Numbers – Answering through phone from unrecognized numbers will put you into a position where you are not in the right condition to negotiate important matters. In addition, you will also be interrupted with whatever you are doing.

  2. Do not email first thing in the morning or last thing at night – In the morning after you wake up is the busiest [art of the day-not a good timing for replying emails. Replying last thing at night is not good either because your brain starts to operate again which results to insomnia.

  3. Do not agree to meetings or calls with no clear agenda or end time – meetings with no clear end time and agenda will often result to wasted time since your meeting topics will go to nowhere.

  4. Do not let people ramble – Instead of asking question “how is it going” ask them “what’s up?” to give you direct to the point answer.

  5. Do not check Email Constantly – batch and check at set times only – Be strategic when reading emails. It will disrupt your routine if you respond to email every time you check it.

  6. Do Not Over Communicate with low-profit, high-maintenance customers – In this tip, it just proves that the surest way to failure is to try to please everybody. In every customer, rate them through an 80/20 ratio. Is it giving you 80 % profit, and only 20% of your time or not?

  7. Do not Work more to Fix Overwhelm – prioritize – Prioritizing your task will make your work easier and with lesser burden. If you do prioritize, you can better sort things out and work on the thing that are most important which can be helpful for your business.

  8. Do not Carry A Cellphone or Crackberry 24/7 – Free yourself from gadgets and other electronic devices for even a day or two. Live for the moment and you will see how good it feels.

  9. Do not Expect Work to Fill a Void that non-work relationship and activities should – Non work related activities like parties or special occasions with loved ones should not compromise with your work. You have ample time for that during weekdays. As much as possible separate your life from work and your personal life. Remember that your life doesn’t revolve around your co-workers alone.

Who will benefit from this post?

Businessman, Online workers, Customer Service, Manager and a lot more can benefit from this post. It tells about how you can be more effective by eliminating static distractions.

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