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Hey guys I have another post to share to you and this is somehow related to my previous post the 280 WordPress List Websites and as you can see I was selling for $3 dollars but now i’m giving it for free, just leave a comment below and I will send it to you through email.

Brief Introduction About the Blog:

The blog talks about the benefits of pinging your blog as well as the plugins that can make pinging happen to your site. It also warns you about too much pinging and how it can affect Google’s perception of you.

What you can learn from this blog:

Pinging lets the search engine know that your blog has been updated with fresh and new content. WordPress for example, if you create a blog by default, it will ping automatically. So, as a word of caution, don’t use plugins and repost your blog post. Too much pinging will lead the Google into thinking that you are spamming and they may get your site banned.

Ultimate plugin, and Smart update pinger is the name of the WordPress Pinger plugin.

Features of the plugin includes:

– Pinger will only work in every new blog post you posted

– “Ping services now” Function

– Has an auto select to choose between extended ping and normal ping.

– extended ping uses a more specific page in your website, while the normal ping uses the homepage URL.

– it keeps log of the last activities of the plugin.

– Smart Update Pinger is powered by “Pingomatic” and it sends out to about 84 websites automatically.

Who will benefit from this post?

Online business owners, entrepreneurs, marketers, and those who are working as SEO specialist will benefit much from this post.


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