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Last June 5, 2010 it was my girlfriend’s birthday her name is Jimema Joy D. Batersal I call her mhe2. Yeah that is her, cute isn’t it? Before June 5 we have discuss that we will go out and spend time together, but sadly on the said date I told her that I won’t be able to make it and from there I did not return any of her calls and text (HAHA she was so pissed at me). But she has no idea that I have plan to surprise her. When she saw me I saw tears running down her face and I wonder is this what they call tears of joy?

And yeah I was not alone, I have jmar (Jay Mar Albor) with me enjoying the moment. Yeah yeah I know we have the same hair style it was a trend (so we think). This photo was taken when we are eating our lunch (no we are not sponsoring for RC Cola, it was facing at the right moment at the right time lol).


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