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I’m writing this post specially to myself, reminding me to learn to say NO sometimes. It is one of my weaknesses, I can handle rejections but I can’t do the rejecting. (am I weird or what?)

Such a weak heart…

Looking at someone’s face every time I turned down or rejected an offer makes my heart weak and looking at them feeling disappointed probably will make me say yes at the end (hahaha). Sometimes saying yes is worth it but there are those moments that it isn’t, like you feel your emotions are being played with and they’re getting the best out of you.

Real life experience during work…

A client contacted me for a project and we discussed how we should go about it and then I found a task that was impossible but I didn’t tell him (big mistake). I just simply said okay and later on found out that I can’t do it and it was too late, the outcome of that decision didn’t end good.

The client was so frustrated that we talked for hours telling me how frustrated he was and how unreliable I was and all those shitty stuff that I don’t want to hear, and then he cancelled the project and did not pay me for the work that I have completed because of one shitty task that I can’t complete. (such a time waster, didn’t even get paid)

You are paid to say NO…

When discussing projects with your client you are paid to say NO and provide your reasoning why? Usually it is because you don’t have the resources or enough skills to implement the request and that is okay, clients need to know stuff like this so they can assign you tasks or projects that would fit your current skills and not end up wasting both yours and your client’s time.

The second reason is that the request is impossible, non-logical, silly or not worth the change. Remember not all clients are web developers they don’t know everything they just say what’s on their mind and expect for you to complete it that is why you should let them know that “NO we can’t do this”  again you are paid to say NO and paid to provide advice and comments.

Stop trying to impress everyone…

Don’t assume that because you always say yes to everything it makes you likable. In my own opinion it makes you predictable and probably this will be your downfall. People who always say yes sometimes gets overused and taken for granted by others.

Saying NO sometimes is not bad at all but saying yes to everything is. If you don’t want to be abused then learn to say NO (I know I will)

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