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Finally the time has come for these two to tie the knot (though they don’t have a knot to tie during the wedding hahaha). I was a little bit excited for both of them and a little bit tense since I have a speech to prepare. I’m not afraid of talking in front of a lot of people but I have a habit of talking too long so I was concerned if I go over the limit. There are so much more to say to both of them but I controlled myself and gave a short but meaningful wish for the couple.

The wedding was last December 2, 2012 and we arrived at Gensan December 1, 2012 in the evening maybe around 5pm and without delay we prepped for practice. Anyway it was a good experience and yes I did take down note to some things that I have to keep in mind and things that I should prepare and should not since sooner I’ll be next to walk the aisle.

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