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Having a page titles in your site is kinda annoying, specially if your site is a business site having those titles right above the page is kinda redundant sometimes and it doesn’t help the visitors.  Let us try to examine what are the benefits and downside of having a page title

Benefits of having a page title

1. It will guide or inform visitors what page you are on

Downside of having a page title

1. Opposite to the the benefit #1 when visitors click on the navigation they already know they are going to your about me page so having another About Me title above the post is redundant

2. If your site is not made for blogging, for business sites or eCommerce sites you don’t need to place a page title on the pages because it doesn’t help with the site.

You might be confuse on what i’m talking about having a page title. There are two types of page that we have for WordPress we have the Post page and the  Pages page (Hope i’m not confusing anyone with this). The page title that i’m talking about is for the Pages page. For me the Pages page title is not needed since most of our pages are in the navigation while the Post page title is very important since this is where people know what blog post they are reading.

(Am I talking nonsense again??? I sometimes talk a lot so please leave a comment if you think so)

So anyway here is a way to remove the page title by adding these few lines of code in your custom_functions.php

function suppress_title() 
 return (is_page()) ? false : true;
add_filter('thesis_show_headline_area', 'suppress_title');

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