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Last January 23, 2012 I went to SPAC (Where I graduated) and I was lucky enough to witness and be a part of the SPAC foundation days. When we arrived at the school I was just there to take some pictures but when I heard that there will be a game for Sepak Takraw and it was the championship game, I was so excited I want to be part of that game.

So after lunch I was lucky enough to be part of the Red Lions and I also got the chance to play.

Trying to get to position and ready to spike

So we won, the Red Lion won the championship (with my help of course ^_^ hahaha I feel a little bit arrogant). Macky (mhe2’s brother) told us that there will be a program later that evening, a semi pageant but no bikini that sort of thing just a wholesome pageant, showcasing the contestants’ talents, formal attire and etc. . . (again no bikini attire)

So we went back to the school around 6:40pm  and macky was still doing the makeup for the contestant and I don’t know the name of the girl that mhe2 and I thought that she looks like Hyoyeon from SNSD (Girls Generation) and she is totally pretty even mhe2 was impressed how good she look.

Macky the makeup artist

Sadly she didn’t won the pageant but still everyone is cheering for her, many of the audience were shouting red lion! red lion! Because they really thought that she was the winner but sadly she didn’t she was the 1st runner up though.

Mhe2 joined in for the group picture


A star is born

Anyway just want to say sorry to her partner since you left so early didn’t get to take more pictures with both of them together so sorry bro. Anyway there are still more photos of the event its on my photo album in Facebook named SPAC Foundation Days 2012  and its open to the public so you can leave comments.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Red Lions Fighting!!!


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