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Hi guys,

I was sad and frustrated at the same time this morning, one of my friend Jessa her baby suffered Nephrologist and Jay Mar my friend back in college his father was also confirmed to have Tuberculosis and Prostate Cancer. It is sad because they are my friends and right now I can’t imagine their situations and it is so frustrating that I can’t do anything to help them in terms of money. Here in our country financial stability is really a pain in the butt. We filipino’s work double time just to earn enough for our families but in the end its not enough.

The good thing about us filipinos is that even in our darkness days we still have smiles on our faces. Even if our country was submerged in water because of flood when the reporters camera man took a video you can see that we are still waving our hands and smiling in front of the camera, we still smile even in a state of calamity.

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My friends I would like to ask if you have spare change in your pockets if possible can you donate it to help Jay Mar and Jessa? In my homepage at the left side you will see the donate button. Or any help you can please contact me.

Let us pray for Jay Mar’s father, Jessa’s baby and their families hope that they will be able to survive this challenges that they have right now.

Thanks and God Bless!

What Do You Think

If you have problems like this, problems that you think that can’t be solve and you feel that everything is going to end badly what do you usually do?



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