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Finally had another awesome vacation last 14th-19th of May 2013. It was to celebrate the graduation of my cousin Elliza for finishing her course Food Technology and to visit my lola (grandmother) who has been waiting for us since December last year.

Well those 6 days that I’ve spent was worthwhile, we went to the beach and stayed overnight (sadly the pool was out of service), we attended my uncle’s wedding and spending the rest of the days at my mom’s house together with everyone which I often do.

The last day of our vacation 19th of May 2013, while saying goodbyes I saw my lola’s teary eyes while watching everyone leave and she would wipe those tears quickly when no one is watching (but I did). She is a very strong woman not letting see her crying so that no one would feel sad.

I’m hoping for more good times next vacation bye Ozamiz see you next time

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