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Its been 3 days straight that we don’t have water, it seems that the end is near (I hope not). Yesterday me and my family discover that our water tank is almost empty. So we decided to go to our farm and get water there. It was a big sacrifice on my family members, because we have to excuse ourselves from work or to what we are planning in doing or going and just concentrate 1 day of our time in fetching water and filling our water tank.

Here are pictures of the activity yesterday, I could have taken many pictures but so busy doing other things. We are just lucky that we have water at our farm, if ever we don’t have water we just go here, but what about my neighbors? I don’t think they have water at their farm or even a farm. My town is not really rich, we work a lot but in the end the income is not enough, I can’t imagine how they are going to manage something like this. If we don’t have water to drink we just order water from a water station. God is just so good to us right now, and I really hope and pray that my fellow neighbors in my town will survive this incident.

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