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Today is the death anniversary of my father and tomorrow is the death anniversary of my grandpa (my father’s father). I can still remember the day that both of these guys are still alive. Tatay (father) was one of the most wise, funny and cunning guy I knew, though at first he was never around me or never seen me growing up because he was caught up with his work (his an Air Force Intel). There was a moment in my life that I forgot who he was, this was when I was still in elementary my mother was always around with me.

Time came when he was ill (stroke) and he can no longer accomplished his projects and task that was the time that he spent his time with us. So for 1 year he was happy spending his time with us, he taught me things that I should do, things that I should prepare and things that I should learn, I never knew that he was preparing me for something and finally that day came. He was rushed to the hospital one of his veins I think near the neck or between the neck and the head popped and parts of his brain was covered with blood. My heart was torn to pieces when the doctor told us that he won’t make it, at first I was in denial I kept blaming myself and God for what happened to him.

Few months after his death I stopped school I was in my 1st year as a college student back then. I spend most of my time in my room just watching TV, sleeping and all those worthless things just to forget what happened. And time came I remembered the things he taught me and finally realized that life must go on and every problem has an answer what is important is how determined you are to look for that answer.

This experience taught me that sooner or later my mom, my friends, everyone dear to me will die and I will die also, what we should always remember that people will remember us by our achievements or what have we done here on earth while we are still alive and that is our legacy.

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