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WordPress has become the most widely used CMS or Content Management System today. And before WordPress was just a CMS specifically use for blogging but now it have upgraded and improve and mostly some professional sites are made using WordPress as their platform. I’m going to teach you guys how you can install WordPress in your server.

Using the cPanel in your hosting, basically when you registered for a domain name you will get a cPanel and some cPanels have this featured where you can installed WordPress automatically like a installation wizard.

Using cPanel

In using the cPanel in installing WordPress first you must know how to get to your cPanel for example my website is

I just add at the end of the URL with /cpanel like this

After that you will enter your username and password and then once you have correctly entered those details the cPanel will look like this.

By the way i’m using Bluehost for my hosting provider, pretty happy with the results. Anyway some cPanels may look different but they have the same logic and functions. Now what is the first thing you should do is look for the feature fantastico or simple scripts. Once you found it, click it and it will bring you to this page

And then select WordPress

Select New Installation

Then you will be ask some information before you install WordPress

Installation Location – Just select which domain name you want to install WordPress.

Install in directory – If you have a subdomain and you have a specific directory, this is where you are going to place the path (Will be talking more about subdomains later on).

Admin Access Data –  There are two fields the first field is for the username and the second field is for the password.

Base Configuration – For the Admin Nickname you can place any name there for default just place admin.


After you have supplied everything click Install WordPress and then it will redirect you to this page

And then click Finish Installation and that is it your done.


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