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After creating your website you will have to do a test to make sure that everything is working properly, that all links are pointing to the right place and all graphics is at the right place where you want them to be.

Now here are my list of stress test that I usually do to my finish websites.

1. Link checking – I visit all links to check if they are pointing to the right page or if it is functioning.

2. Text Formatting – Test if all text in your website is formatted correctly and also check the spelling, because having text is not enough you should design your content so that it looks more interesting.

3. Consistency – Make sure that your site is consistent, though sometimes there are pages of the site that are different but at least the font size, the color scheme is consistent, I usually look at the logo what colors used and that would be my basic colors for my website.

4. Browser Compatibility – Check your site in different browsers if they are not a messed, each browser has a different default setup with the CSS so what you think that your site if good it might not be good in different browsers. (I wish there was only one browser that would make web developer’s like pretty easy)

5. Screen Resolution – Now this the latest update I have for my stress test list, I always thought that if my site is working on different browsers then I have no problem (I was wrong in thinking like that). There was still a crucial test that I should be implementing and that is screen resolution test. You will have to consider that other people will have different monitor sizes.

6. Mobile Compatibility – Since most of the people now are checking website over their phones so again we must consider mobile devices like iphone, ipad, etc (don’t know what are the names of others, but i know there are more, specially those mobile internet ready phones).

If you have any additional ideas to add to my list that would be awesome. It will help everyone visiting this site just leave a comment below.


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