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Hi guys just wanted to reply to Aleisha’s concerned with her site and she requested. . .

Okay to answer that if your not a web developer and if your website is running on WordPress you’re in luck because there are many WordPress plugins out there to assist you.

1. My first recommendation is try using WPTouch and the good thing about this plugin is that it is free but there are limitations but if you want to get the pro version you can check it out here

2. Next is WP Mobile Pro

What is the Difference.

WPTouch is a WordPress plugin while WP Mobile Pro is a theme.

Which Works Better

It depends both works perfect. WPTouch you can just install it directly in your website and configure the plugin while WP Mobile Pro is a theme so you will need to create another WordPress install for example you will need to create a subdomain which will have something like this so the mobile there was your subdomain you can choose what name you should use, since i’m a little bit lazy I just use stands for mobile and it will look something like this

Hope this helps Aleisha and to everyone checking out this blog if you have additional information with regards on how to make a website mobile friendly please don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

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