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Few days ago I was working on making my personal site responsive and saw that my blog post that has videos on it are not responsive and here is how I solve this issues

.format_text.entry-content iframe,
.format_text.entry-content object,
.format_text.entry-content embed{
width: 100%;
height: 100%;

So basically the .format_text.entry-content are classes in my site so it might be different from yours just locate the parent div where your video is on. Basically I want all iframes, objects and embed tags to have a 100% width and height you can change the values to your needs.

This is my quick version, one of my friend shared a link which has a complete explanation so you can check it out here

If this was helpful please don’t forget to like or share and if you have other ways in solving this please leave a comment below thanks.

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