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  1. Insert your flash drive to your computer
  2. backup your flash drive first, because one of the steps that we are going to do is to format the drive
  3. open command prompt or you can open run and type in cmd
  4. type in diskpart, sometimes this will open up a new window
  5. next to know the list of drives you have on your computer type in list disk
  6. now locate the flash disk you can determine this by checking the size of the drive
  7. type in select disk # (you will need to change the hash tag with the drive number)
  8. just to make sure that you are on the right drive type in list disk again and it will show a * sign before the name of the disk
  9. type in clean, this will clear all data on your flash disk so I suggest doing a backup first, please refer to step 2
  10. after that type in create partition primary
  11. after creating the partition type in select partition 1
  12. then type in format fs=ntfs quick, this will format the drive so you will need to wait for it to finish
  13. once it is 100% complete type in active
  14. and now you have a bootable drive, last thing to do is transfer your Windows file to your drive

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