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Some common questions you get in an interview:

Why are you applying for the job?

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

What can you contribute to the team or the company?

and so on…

And before the interview ends they will ask you if you have questions for them. Well, some would say none but that is a chance you should not miss.


It means that you are not desperate and would just settle for any job. The keyword here is not to undersell yourself, be something of value and your client would love to see that in an applicant.

Here are two questions that I recommend but use it carefully. Sometimes these questions back fire specially with clients that have attitude (superiority complex kind of attitude).

Why is your company a good fit for me? This is a very good question since you get to listen and understand the client’s perspective and plans for his company/business.

What do you expect from me in the first 30 days of work? This is a very important question that you must understand. The client will give you a heads up on what he is expecting from you and so you will get to prepare yourself.

Why 30 days? Well, for me that is enough time for your client to know how you work, and you to also know how your client works.

Job interviews are not scary. When you get scared or nervous, that is because you are not confident with yourself and with your skills. When fear kicks in and you start to doubt yourself, you lose the ability to react and perform well in the interview and sometimes get flustered (I know i get that sometimes.)

Hopefully this post can help you guys land your first job or your next job.

Again, interviews are not scary. Have fun and enjoy talking to your client/interviewer.


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