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It’s been a week now since I received my new Nikon D3100 from my aunt. It was so cool and awesome that I can’t wait to give it a go. Now i’m no artist or in anyway capable of creating something artistic, i’m more on the logical and analytic things so I can say that my left brain is more active than my right.

Anyway I watched a lot of tutorials on how to use this camera and also watched the free DVD copy on how to take awesome pictures but sadly it was not that very helpful. I tried using the scene mode and though the logic was pretty simple I decided to use Manual mode for my settings and I just realize that it was a bit hard and I think for you to be able to use Manual in doing your settings like the aperture, shutter speed and the ISO its going to be base on your experience.

So for now I will just stick to the scene modes and practice on my composition and when I do have good compositions means that I have acquired a good amount of experience and I will be able to predict the settings on any situation or environment when i’m in Manual mode.

Oh before I end here are some of my best shots (I think its my best shots so don’t argue with me) and I just notice I love pumping my contrast a lot.


For more pictures visit here

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