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I went to Gumasa for the first time in my life and I was expecting to encounter lots of dust and bumpy road but it was the other way around. The road was so smooth and pretty boring actually, because there where no tight turns (I kinda love to drive with lots of winding roads) and the air was fresh, that was the good thing about the trip.

We arrived at the beach where we are going to stay for the night and I can tell from far away that there will be a party going to happen, just hearing the boombox beating, music playing and lights (lighting?) flashing. After dinner I just couldn’t help my eyes, they started to close without my permission and with the help of the wind from the sea blowing right straight to my face I was defeated and decided to sleep.

Around 12AM I woke up to the noise outside the cottage, the resort held a fireworks display, not that grand but it was worth checking out. What I hate about the resort was the charges but if they get rich because of my money then be it I don’t mind.

Though I’m not a beach lover (like enjoying swimming at the beach) i’m more of a swimming pool guy, but what I like about the beach is the view and the breeze it’s very refreshing and relaxing.

Please check out the rest of the photos taken go here.

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