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“Could YouTube’s future involve original programming and topic channels?

Google is planning to significantly revamp the video site to “compete with broadcast and cable television,” the Wall Street Journal reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.”

The overhaul would include new channels based on topics such as sports and arts. Some channels will feature “several hours of professionally produced original programming a week,” reads the report.

Google’s reported plans surface as Web services such as YouTube, Hulu and Netflix have prompted cable television subscribers to trim their services or even pull the plug.

As noted in our story about the Web’s impact on television viewing habits, about 7% of homes are turning to the Internet instead of pay TV to watch professional produced programming.”


For me this is inevitable because right now I spend more time on my laptop and surfing the net than watching TV. I don’t mind this change at all, no more cable bills just internet bills.

Anyway this is my own opinion you are open to share you thoughts on the matter just leave a comment.


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