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Most of my activities relies on electricity and not just activities but every day transactions from charging my cellphone to watching movies and also during work. And one thing that my job requires is  electricity and the internet. I’m really addicted to what i’m doing that is why when there is no internet connection I feel kinda bored so I watched movies or listen to music or play computer games and do some e-book reading, this what I do when there is no internet connection.

Now here is the problem what should I do when there is no electricity? This is the one question that personal I find it hard to answer at first since i’m so dependent on electricity that my whole life halts when there is no power,  it’s like I have a power cord on my body that for me to work or function I should have electricity.

I don’t want to live like this for the rest of my life and told to myself I must find away.

My mom and our family friend gave mhe-mhe a puppy (woochi) and since mhe-mhe is at her home town right now i’m the only one in charge of taking care of woochi (The name came from a korean movie Woochi The Scoundrel). Woochi is one cute cross bread from a Japanese Spitz and a Chinese blah blah blah (I don’t know the bread all I know is that it’s Chinese) anyway since power has been acting weird this month of September due to strong typhoons that I don’t know they just can’t get enough of my country, so every time we have a power failure there is this motivation to go out and play with woochi. I have now a new activity besides being an electricity slave.

I know some of you are like this that you are becoming too dependent on electricity, now just a piece of advice find new things to do that doesn’t require electricity in that way when power does go out you have more pending things to do not just setting on the corner waiting for power to come back it is not very productive.

If you can relate to what i’m saying here please share your experience and how you overcome that.


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