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This happened 4 years ago on

October 16, 2006. Everybody were very busy preparing their programs for presentations.  This is one of the major events for all comsci students in South Philippine Adventist College wherein they can present what they’ve learned in the class especially in the Software Engineering Class.

This is just a 1-day event started by a devotional with the ribbon cutting by SPAC President Dr. Chliejvferwyn C. Catolico and BSCS Chairperson Ms. Neila M. Paglinawan.

Everybody were very excited to test, try and evaluate the programs and computer softwares that the comsci students had done.

This is one of my unforgettable moments in college. I was 4th year college during this event and I am really thankful to all of our mentors for molding us of what we are now.

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