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Another day to remember my folks and how they lived their life to its fullest. My grandpa was a church pastor and before that when he was still young he was selling tin cans and other stuff just to earn some cash to help his family. On the other hand my father is a bit different he is a little bit naughty and wise. Both of these gentlemen work very hard and smartly for their family.

My father past away  6 or 8 years ago September 13 and not long ago my grandpa followed September 14 around 2 or 3 years ago. Having both of them in my life was totally awesome. They have been a good example and a good provider for their family and with that I thank you Lord for giving them to me.

If my father and grandpa was still here it would make me feel secure that in my family there are 3 more male Agno’s present that I know of. Currently I’m the only male left in my family.

So anyway guys I’m just saying that to those of you who still have their father and grandfather cherish them, love them, protect them you will never know the time that they will pass you the role of being the man of your family.

Before I end this post here is a song I love to play to remind me of them and hope you guys finish this song and reflect and here are more pictures of when we visited the graveyard

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