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Dennis Ritchie

For computer related courses and subjects have you ever heard of the name Dennis Ritchie? If you have then I’m very sorry to say this but he died last October 8, 2011 what was even sadder about this is that since few people know him few people really don’t care if this guy dies or something but some of the people look all worried and troubled when Steve Jobs died. I don’t meant to disrespect I don’t hate Steve Jobs he was my inspiration and also Bill Gates. But for me since when I was in college I was building programs using C language and I was so in love with the language, so hearing that the the creator of C died I was sad.


Have you heard of C Language?

This language was one of the basic language use in creating systems and Java I think was derived from C and also Computer Vision. Dennis Ritchie was the author of C language. If I remember correctly the ever first worm virus that affected thousands or millions of computers was created using the C language. Yes C language is powerful and many of the existing and popular system that we have right now are derived or were inspired from C.

There is one person that I think that will be sadden to hear this news, she is my chairperson in the Computer Science Department of South Philippine Adventist College where I graduated Ma’am Neila M. Paglinawan. She is a fan of the C language and my oh my she is one of the best.’


What Do You Think?

Dennis Ritchie was one of the greatest minds that ever lived and so was Steve Jobs both of them have changed the way we live and changed the world but when these guys died we only here the name Steve Jobs and the death of Steve Jobs was a trending topic all over the internet but what about Dennis Ritchie? Is is because Steve Jobs was more popular than Dennis Ritchie?

Guys I would love to hear your comments and your views.

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