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Customize Leave a Comment in WordPress

Do you want to know how to change the default Leave a comment on every blog post or pages to something like the image above? Or you can scroll down to the bottom of this post and see it in action.

Why the need to change?

1. The default Leave a Comment is kinda boring

2. The default Leave a Comment is no where near to being more sociable

3. The default Leave a Comment I think its more like a robot

4. The default Leave a Comment it seems that it does not connect to the visitors or does not give a good call to action.

So by changing it to a more funny or more personal, I think this would connect with the visitor well. Okay here is what you will need to do.

1. We need to remove the current Leave a comment message. Go to Custom File Editor ->custom.css we are going to edit the CSS

.custom #respond_intro p {
display: none;

2. We need to create a new function that will hold the new command. Go to Custom File Editor->custom_functions.php and add this line at the bottom of the file

function comment_heading(){
if (is_single() || is_page()) // This line means that if you are viewing a page or a blog post this configuration will appear, but if your looking at a category it will not display this.
echo '<div class="comment-heading">"Leave A Comment And All Your Wildest Dreams Will Come True"</div>';

3. Now that we have a the new function we need to place some styling. Go back again to your custom.css. Now this is my own styling on my site you can change it to what ever you want for your site.

.custom .comment-heading { 
font-size: 1.7em;
line-height: 1.294em;
margin-bottom: 1.1em;
text-align: center;
font-weight: bold;
color: red;

All credits goes to Thesis Hacker, I found this wonderful post at his/her website and I just modified the codes to cater to my site so if you want to see the original codes you can check his/her post here


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