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It’s day 2 of our Cebu and Bohol trip the date was the 17th of October 2011. So around 9am in the morning we prepared all our things because we will be heading back to Cebu city and check in to Hotel Stella where we will be staying for the rest of the trip. From Bogo to Cebu it took us about 2 and a half hour drive so we arrived at Cebu city around 11:44 in the morning and we went directly to our hotel.

The hotel was neat, it was very organize, they have friendly staffs and one of the best thing about Hotel Stella is that it smells very nice and you get the feeling that its very safe and clean. We were so tired of traveling so we went to our rooms and we slept and around 2pm in the afternoon we went to Robinsons Mall and what was nice about the hotel is that its very close to the mall and also to Crown Regency where we will be doing the sky walking.

At Robinsons Mall that is where we ate our lunch it was late in the afternoon after eating lunch we walk around the mall. I was quite disappointed that the mall was kinda boring so few interesting things there so we went back again to the hotel and slept again (WOW its was quite tiresome that day.).

In the evening, I’m not quite sure about the hour but it was night time. Our last stop for the day was at Crown Regency where we will be doing our sky walk at first I was not really interested of doing the sky walk I was more interested with the buffet like what are the foods they are going to prepare, what would be the taste so basically in short I was very hungry. So we have 3 tickets and 1 free ticket ride.

1. Buffet

2. Sky Walk

3. Edge Coaster (That for me its was optional)

4. 4D Cinema

I wanted to go to the buffet but they insisted that we do the sky walk first and then the buffet so I was over ruled and decided to do the sky walk because right after that its the BUFFET . . .  So we started the sky walk and together with our guide Genesis and man oh man he scared the shit out of me. He was doing things that I wish he didn’t do in front of me. I found this video on youtube so that you guys know what i’m talking about.

It looks different during at night, I think it’s more higher and scarier in my opinion.

I’m planning on going back to Cebu and conquering the edge coaster I did not ride it last time because i’m a claustrophobic and just looking at the chair where i’m going to sit its quite stuffy and I hate rides or things that would hinder my body from moving freely. Anyway I’m very thankful to Genesis for giving us the time of our life during the sky walk you are really awesome and hope to see you again next time.

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