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Finally I have a free time on my hand so i’m able to do some blogging. Few days ago I posted about me and Mhe-Mhe going on a vacation. Our planned trips were Cebu and Bohol. Every thing that I have wrote on my previous blog about my expectations about the said trips turned out weird. . . I guess that’s the only thing I can describe the experience.

Okay on the 16th of October 2011 around 10 AM was  our flight to Cebu and we arrived 20 minutes earlier. It was very hot in Mactan airport that I can feel all the moist in my body was drying up fast. So anyway the crew gave us our umbrella and since it’s our first time traveling together with Ryann and Che-Che we took some photos and made the airplane and the runway as our background.

I learned something during that time that runway + umbrella + heat + wind + a camera = priceless shot. Now as you can see we just couldn’t resist taking a group picture so we asked one of the crew member of the airport to take our group picture, while he was counting 1. . .2. . .3 right after that when he was about to take the shot I changed my position so that the plane would also be included in our group picture but to my surprise a gust of strong wind passed by and flipped my umbrella and it looks like I’m holding a satellite or something like that. It was very funny that when we looked at the picture again we couldn’t stop laughing and we made jokes that “Can you spot the difference?

So from Cebu we went to Bogo City first where Mhe-Mhe’s relatives are staying. I think it was a 2 and a half hour drive from Cebu. Even though we are surrounded by trees and there are lots of shades but still it’s freakin hot, I don’t know about them but it was hot at Bogo. Around 4pm or 5pm I requested that we go and explore the city and also I still need to change from shoes to slippers because I’m more comfortable wearing slippers. Mhe-mhe’s cousin’s suggested that we go to the port and relax there.


In the morning, 17th of October 2011 around 9am we headed back to Cebu, but before that during our stay at Mhe-Mhe’s relatives there was this catching phrase that still today I can’t quite figure it out and the phrase was tada. . . “I know your situation!”

What does that mean? . . . What was he was trying to tell me?

I guess I will never know. Anyway there are still more adventures that I want to share to all of you but I have to cut it short for now. I will just continue again my stories on the next blog post so be sure to come back again tomorrow.


What are your most priceless photo shoot or pictures that you have taken that you think that its priceless and awesome? If you do have something like that please email it to me at and tell me why you think its priceless and I will surely post it here on my site.

 Here are the rest of our photos

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