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10 Essential SQL Tips for Developers

Here are 10 essential SQL tip from Eric Shafer “SQL is yet another essential language for developers wishing to create data-driven websites. However, many developers are unfamiliar with various aspects of SQL; so in this article, we’ll analyze ten essential...

Who Wants Google Plus Invites

Hello just started using Google plus and since its my first time i’m kinda confuse and find a little lost navigating around the site but so far all the labels and features are pretty easy to understand. Now what I need is more people in my circle Who wants...

How To Autoplay Youtube Videos

Have you tried embedding your Youtube videos in your site and you want it to auto play? Just add this at the end of your embed code &autoplay=1 and that’s it your done.   Your Brave True Hero jf agno
How To Install WordPress For Beginners

How To Install WordPress For Beginners

WordPress has become the most widely used CMS or Content Management System today. And before WordPress was just a CMS specifically use for blogging but now it have upgraded and improve and mostly some professional sites are made using WordPress as their platform....

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