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CS Christmas Party 2010

Hello mga comsci pips na upload na diay nko ang mga images last sunday check my photo albums or go directly here

Without God, Life Makes No Sense

Inside the continuing argument in between religious beliefs, school of thought as well as research there’s a simple presumption for Christian believers in which existence does not have any means without God. Of course this assumption is completely ready to...

Free Korean Music Download

Hi while I was surfing around the net I saw this cool website that lets you download free korean official soundtrack for korean movies series and it was so cool here is the link

How To Determine A Web 2.0 Site

Pardon me for the noise and some mannerisms that I have but anyway here is the list that I have for you guys that I think its really the basics in determining if a site is a web 2.0. Simplicity Central layout Fewer columns Separate top section Solid areas of screen...

What You Learn in a Crisis

“Why are we sitting here until we die?” 2Ki 7:3 NKJV In the Bible, the armies of Syria had besieged Samaria and the people were dying of starvation. Four lepers, whose disease forced them to live outside the city walls, had gotten used to living on scraps of bread...
‘My Amnesia Girl’

‘My Amnesia Girl’

A memorable movie in ‘My Amnesia Girl’ MANILA, Philippines – Thrusting fresh pairs into local mainstream cinema can be a big risk for film outfits, but Toni Gonzaga and John Lloyd Cruz’s first-ever project together, “My Amnesia Girl,” is very much a...

How To Convert Audio and Video in Linux

Hi everyone here is a short guide on how to convert audio and video in linux Go to terminal and go directly to the directory where you files are located. When your there type in mencoder MyMovie.mpg -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o MyMovie.flv and press enter and done. NOTE:...

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