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Hi Joven here,

I was just looking through my old pictures and I saw this image, I can still remember that this was my first time being a resource speaker March 2010, I was quite nervous at first but later on I felt like I was doing this for a long time. (HAHAHA)

ma'am Neila, Me, sir Arwin and ma'am Yen

This photo was taken right after I finish my part, which was giving an idea to my fellow classmates and friends about the range of possibilities working in the IT industry. On the left is ma’am Neila our fearless Department Chairperson of the Computer Science Department of South Philippine Adventist College (SPAC), on my right side is the coolest teacher we have in the computer science department sir Arwin, he was my mentor and a good friend  and next to him is ma’am Yen one of the sweetest teacher in the department. (naks dako na unta ko grades karon duh).

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