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I was trying to transfer this site that was on my server to another server. After the transfer I go to the homepage and all I see was a blank page and I was asking myself WHY? Then after researching google I found out that this is called White Screen Of Death yeah something like in the hardware problem the Blue Screen Of Death.

Anyway I tried searching for solutions in google and fortunately I have found out that i’m not the only one having this kind of problem, almost everyone does. So what I did was trying out the solution some authors discussed in their blogs and sadly all of those solutions did not work for me. I was very frustrated since I have been fixing this problem for about 5 hours and still no clue what to do.

There is this one solution that I should check if there was still an index.html in the root folder and saw nothing all I saw was index.php and I thought that this problem is in the .htaccess, and I said to myself that i’m going to check that out now and along the process I saw this one file named “default.html” and this is the only .html file that I saw except for the readme.html and out of a desperate move I tried deleting this file and EUREKA!!! It solve my problem.

I think this is a problem between servers my server was BlueHost and the new server was StartLogic so if you have this kind of problem just remove the default.html found in the root.

Hope this helps!

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