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Since I have been blogging for quite some time now and there are some post that I really want to check and I noticed that the only thing that I can do to navigate was on the dashboard or the Previous post found below in my homepage and frankly it SUCKS big time since you can’t jump to another set of post.

I have to think also my visitors, I want them to feel comfortable going through my site without any hassle and my goal is to make my site user friendly. So I decided to add a pagination and remove the Previous and Next post. (If you don’t know what is pagination its like having page numbers, just check out the image below you will know what I mean).

Info I found all over the internet is that it will improve your bounce rate, TRUE?

1. First of all I installed a plugin which is Simple Pagination (and its literally simple to use). If you’re using thesis, copy and paste this code in thesis_hook_after_content and hit save.

<div class="pagination">
<?php wp_simple_pagination(); ?>

2. Go to your custom_functions.php and paste this code to remove the Previous and Next post

function no_home_post_nav() {
if (is_home())
  remove_action('thesis_hook_after_content', 'thesis_post_navigation');

3. Check out your new pagination on your homepage and customize it to any style you want.


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