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I have been always fascinated with minimalist designs and my fascination grew that I even dreamed of building a minimalist house. So I looked around the web and saw what are the things that I will need and luckily I found a guide and out of all the guides that I have read this one’s more easy to understand and learning the do’s and don’ts when planning for your minimalist house.

Why a minimalist house?

Less stress and distraction meaning you can focus more on your task and you will not be distracted by the clutter all around the place. It is also more appealing especially today in our modern environment it gives you a modern look , and the best advantage is that it is easier to clean. To be honest I’m very lazy with cleaning the house and this is very beneficial for me lol. Dust will not accumulate in your room or anywhere in your home since there are lesser amount of stuff.

How should a minimalist house looks like?

  • Well for starters it has only a few furniture around the house.
  • Clear Surfaces, all you can see is  a flat, clutter-free floor, a plain white (or any plain color) wall with a maximum of 2 matching decoratives.
  • Quality over Quantity, this means that you will only display furnitures or articles that you needed in that area. Removing all the articles that are not needed. In example, in dining area, you will only see set of chairs and a table, as well as a dim light at the center for a dramatic look.

Here are your todo list

  • One Room at a Time
  • Start With Furniture
  • Only The Essentials
  • Clear the Floors
  • Clear Surfaces
  • Clear Walls
  • Store Stuff Out of Sight
  • Declutter
  • Simple Artwork
  • Simple Decorations
  • Plain Window Treatments
  • Plain Patterns
  • Subdued Colors
  • Edit and Eliminate
  • Place for Everything
  • Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy

Here is the original source for the this post

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