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Most of the information about making money on the internet are focused on how to make “more” money, instead of how to actually make money. Making money online is divided into indirect and direct methods.

Direct Methods

Here are the direct methods of making money online:

1. PPC Advertising Networks – PPC profitability usually depends on how the traffic goes in your website. It is a direct method in which you will earn money for every click on your PPC ads. Popular CPCs include Chitika, Clicksor, BidVertiser, YPN and Google Adsense

2. CPM Advertising Networks – Works similar with PPC. However, it differs in that, you get paid in every thousand impressions or page views. This works very well for blogs and websites which receive great amounts of views per month.

3. Direct Banner Advertising – it is a method where you sell your space for advertisers. This works well but you need to have many audiences before you can convince an advertiser to post ad in your space.

4. Text Link Ads – the selling of text is a discreet method of making money online but Google recently penalizes those who sell text links but have no-follow tag.

5. Affiliate Marketing – It is a popular technique where you act as a middle man in selling products or services through the internet. This advertising method is usually termed as CPS (Cost Per Action)

6. Monetization Widgets – easy to use and works like the text links. But, web owners can have the choice of whether or not to “plug and play” their widgets in their site.

7. Sponsored Reviews – If writing is your thing and you want to make money directly, you can join sites like PayPerPost and write a sponsored review for a certain product or service

8. RSS Feeds Ads– easily distribute ads through feeds in blogs and websites

9. Sponsors for Single Columns or Events – You can get money by having companies sponsor a certain column in your website, like the Mashable.

10. Premium Content – Giving away an exclusive content for free if they hit the opt-in box and become a member to your site. Some may upgrade to premium account so you get additional money for that.

11. Private Forums – Vbulletin, and phpBB are some of the examples of this forums. Depending on how popular your private forum is and how valuable topics are in there, you’ll get as much as $100 for each people who wants to become a member to your forum site like the SEO Blackhat.

12. Job Boards – You can get passive income by just simply using this method. But you have to work on first on a specific niche, drive huge amount of traffic, and then start your job board.

13. Market Places – Buy and sell has never been so famous these days. No wonder why these sites are mostly the ones to success. The technique for this is, first you have to make the listings free and then charge a little as time goes by.

14. Paid Surveys and Polls – Some will pay you for posting their surveys and polls to your site

15. Selling or Renting Internal Pages – Say, you have a page in your website that has great amounts of traffic, you can sell it or let somebody rent it for their own benefit and your own benefit too!

16. Highlighted Posts from Sponsors – Let others advertisement be displayed on the side on your website (column) and get paid for that.

17. Donations – if you are running a very valuable site or blog, putting a “donate” link will be very helpful for you to make money.

18. In-text Adverting – This is a very rare method and only few dare to use this since it is a very discreet method of advertising.

19. Pop-ups and Pop-Under – An annoying way of advertising o this is not very recommended.

20. Audio Ads – Plays an audio in your website that visitors can’t stop the audio playing. It can be intrusive type of advertising so web owners should think twice before using the method.

21. Selling the Website – Last but not the least, selling your website is the last thing that you can do to make money online. You can find website buyers from Digital Point and Site point.


Indirect Methods – this method of making money online is one of the surest ways to earn revenue on money making business on the internet.

22. Selling an EBook – is the oldest yet the most effective way to earn money online. Example of the popular EBooks sold on the internet today is “How to Be a Rock star Freelancer”. If you have a powerful EBook to sell, you will then be able to easily make your website based on that EBook.

23. Selling a Hard Cover Book – Traditional way of selling online too is an effective way to make money. Most of the people who use this technique are those which are already renowned for their book like Guy Kawasaki.

24. Selling Templates and Word Press Themes – WordPress Themes and Templates is a very effective business online since many people are aiming for gaining online presence and so they need a high quality website template or theme.

25. Offering Consulting and Related Services – You can stand out with your content and your website will become popular knowing that it has valuable content. This will then give you an opportunity to create a consulting service in your site and how you made it to the top.

26. Creating an Email List or Newsletter – Still considered as one of the most powerful ways to market products or services. The benefit of this technic is that it’s free, big conversion rates, and is timeless. The downside for this technic is that you’ll need to work hard to build an email list.

27. Mentoring Programs – Today, many people hungers for someone to teach them something, especially if it’s something related to their interest. It can vary from articles to EBook, videos or audios.

28. Creating Conference around the Site – The surest way to earn big bucks is to create conference. But this is only possible if you already became the authority or the leading in your niche. Thousands of people might be your audience and you may get sponsored visiting cities and countries.

Based from what I’ve learned, indirect method is the surest way to make money online, but you need to exert effort. The direct method is good too, but sometimes; it’s pretty risky, especially when it comes to selling links, and doing things like pop-outs that might harm the impression for your site.

Check out the original post here and also I found this 101 Ways To Monetize Your Website or Blog they are pretty much related to the summary that I did so hope this is helpful

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