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Have you ever wanted more in your WordPress text editor not the default style but has a lot of features? Then here are 20 free rich-text editors that I have read on blog the original source is at the bottom of this post

1. TinyMCE – an open source tool which is maintained by Moxiecode, is under the GNU Lesser General Public License. It is lightweight and highly customizable. To extend core installation, they allow downloads through their TinyMCE plugin.

2. FCK Editor – most popular free editor. Features “Word Clean-Up” feature which will detect automatically text that are copied from Microsoft Word Documents. Best HTML table editing features.

3. NicEdit – user-friendly and no-fuss platform. Known for its simplicity and functionality/efficiency

4. BXE – XML based WYSIWYG editor. Allows change in the entire web page

5. MarkItUp! – Java-Script-based editor. HTML to WYSIWYG editor, supports keyboard shortcuts and Ajax Live Preview.

6. WidgEditor – open source by Cameron Adams. Simple and no fuss

7. EditArea – free Java script code editor. Excellent for weblogs code formatting

8. Cross Browser Rich Text Editor – free rich-text editor under creative commons Attribution 2.5 license. Rich with basic features.

9. YUI Library Rich Text Editor – has excellent mobile device support, and is web-accessible.

10. FreeTextBox – robust, fully-featured, and extremely popular rich text editor for ASP.NET. With Built-in gallery.

11. Damn Small Rich Text Editor – lightweight, and built on top of JQuery library and PHP backend.

12. Silverlight – has useful feature such as “find and replace”, keyboard shortcut, serialization of text input for security.

13. Free Rich Text Editor – free, and JavaScript-based HTML. Similar to Microsoft Word 2003.

14. Dijit.Editor – fully-featured. Excellent for those who are already using DOJO toolkit.

15. WYMeditor – web-based HTML editor, standard compliant.

16. Whizzywig – has a Spanish and German version. Web-safe color picker.

17. openWYSIWYG – free and feature-packed. Great for content management systems.

18. XStandard – highly-standards-compliant, with Microsoft Word text cleanup and spellchecking, with ability to interact third-party applications.

19. Xinha – open source, more emphasis on community development.

20. Kupu – “document-centered”, Ajax-Saving, easy customization and extension.

Here is the original post

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