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There are many pre-made themes out there for WordPress and some has its own theme options and I’m going to share how you can utilize this theme options to make your work faster.

Here is a very simple and effective way in working with themes that has its own theme options.

Don’t reinvent the wheel

Before getting your hands dirty with web languages (HTML, CSS, jScript and etc…) utilize the theme option first. These options were created for a reason, to make modifications on the theme faster and yes simpler.

It is going to be time consuming if you code the modification in your site from 2 columns to 3 columns from scratch, check your theme options if they have a feature to change the number of columns if not then that is the time you build it from scratch, but if your theme has this feature then it is just a click of a mouse (much faster than building it from scratch ).

Check for custom.css

Have you encountered this problem that all your CSS codes are not working on the theme? Check your theme options if they have a separate field to place your CSS codes.

Sometimes they have a custom.css file for you to add your CSS codes just like Thesis Framework and sometimes they have a field in the options to directly place the CSS codes.

These are 2 of the tips that I know of that is very useful in dealing with themes that has it’s own theme options. If you have more additional tips please don’t hesitate to share it here by leaving a comment thanks.

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