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I’m here again with a new resource and this is a way the 10 Ways to Optimize Word Press For More Traffic.

The 10 Ways to optimize WordPress for more traffic is very easy to do, even if you have fresh WordPress installed. The blog offers tips and steps (like a tutorial on how to get more traffic from a basic and standard WordPress Site.

It provides simple steps on how to optimize your WordPress site and get more traffic from it.



1. Page Titles – Title optimization is the first thing, and probably the most important thing to do. The search engine will be notified of what your post talks about. Also, remember that your title must not time specific like (dates and years) so that when people search you in the future, they will still find your important post about it.
The code that you can use is this one:

< ?php bloginfo('name'); ?> < ?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> » Blog Archive < ?php } ?> < ?php wp_title(); ?>

2. Keywords in Content – Keywords should not be limited to title only, it should also be see throughout the post, particularly in the first and last paragraphs.

3. Permalink Structure – In order for the search engine spiders to crawl your content easily, it is always best if you choose the custom permalink structure than the default one which includes the date the article is posted.

4. Header Tags – Header tags are used within a post in order to emphasize a statement’s importance. To have that maximum effect, use a combination of <h1> tags and <h2> tags.

5. Related Post – The best way to keep your readers interested and lengthen their stay in your blog is by placing related posts about your topic. You can install a plugin for your related post and create interesting articles.

6. Use Sitemaps – Google Sitemaps helps your every page to be indexed. Google Sitemaps plugin is available for installation to your website. Remember that to do this too, you need a Google Sitemaps account.

7. Keep it fresh – Keeping your website interesting means posting articles and blogs regularly or in a timely manner. There are a couple of services or software you can use to regularly update your website with new content in case you are off for a holiday.

8. Make it Unique – You will certainly not benefit from a post that is copied from other sources. Keep it unique.

9. Build Backlinks – Submitting your blog to several blog directories is already a good start if you want online presence.

10. Go Social – Engage yourself in social media sties like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and Delicious. You can speed up the process by installing the “Sociable” plugin. You will never know how viral your posts can be when it is picked by some of your readers.

Who will benefit from this post?

Anybody who is just starting with their WordPress site, whether it’s for personal blog or business stuff, will highly benefit from this post. It teaches you the basic strategies on how to optimize your WordPress site (do-it-yourself) without spending a big chunk of cash for SEO specialists.

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