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Today I have another blog post to share and this is from and it talks about techniques that developers can make use of especially when creating a “data-driven” website.

Before I have been using MySQL for my projects so I can say that this post is more beneficial for website developers and system developers. But if your are just starting out then this is a good list for you to consider when building your systems or websites.

Use the Right Language

Using the right language is very important for every web developers. The basic rule is that when writing a code, make sure that it works effectively.

Secure Your Code

It explains how web developers should take security in their code seriously. SQL injection is one of the most common form of attack. Remember to test your code and keep updated with the security issues in DBMS for protection.

Understand Joins

Remember the correlation between inner joins and outer joins. “Self Joins” is a kind of join from a table itself.

Know Your Data Types

This is very important especially when dealing with the later topic: indexing. On a side note, “Efficient queries are essential to creating quality, scalable applications.”

Write Compliant Code

Programmers and System developers should be aware of the revisions in SQL. The latest revision was in 2008. Two reasons why codes should be standards compliant is first, for maintainability, and second, for cross-platform standardization.

Normalize Your Data

Be familiar with the Normal forms, 1NF, 2NF, 3NF, 4NF, 5NF. 3NF is the most important jump among all these. Data becomes cleaner, better organized and faster.

Fully Qualify Your Database Object Names

The purpose of this is to eliminate ambiguity. Fully qualified name should look like DATABASE.SCHEMA.OBJECTNAME.

Understanding Indexing

This is important when working with large tables.

Properly Use Database Permissions

SQL server have the GRANT, DENY and REVOKE statements to take or give away permissions from a user or role. Granting the role to other users (unknowingly) might affect the database security heavily.

Know Your DBMS Limitation

Knowing the limitations will help you in the planning phase in order for you to foresee if it can meet your specific requirements.

Check out the original post here

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