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Websites shouldn’t just look awesome, it should also be easy to maintain

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I provide solutions to all your website’s needs from building your site from scratch base on your design, customized your current site to the way you want it to look and function and managing your existing websites making sure they are optimized and updated regularly.

I have helped clients improved their online presence by building quality websites for their business big or small.

Joven, is a great developer. He is very knowledgeable and he works hard to make sure your site is the way that you want it. I have used him many times for upgrades and changes to my website and will continue to.He is professional and responsive. I highly recommend him.

Melinda Hollingshed

Disciple Wellness

JF is extremely reliable and I’m very pleased with the work he has done for me and my website. He is very easy to communicate with and he sends a daily report to me which i like as i can keep up with the progress.He is honest, reliable and very good value for the quality of work he does.I would highly recommend him because for him it’s all about keeping the customer happy and I can say that he really lives up to that. I will be working with this guy for a long time.

Ben Hulme

I have known Joven for years. I consider him a friend as well as a webmaster. Joven constructed a complete website for our company. His task was not easy in that he had to construct financial images for this projects. This was the first time working in detail with him, and I was not disappointed. He has a passion for what he does and even though we are many miles apart, he is very pleasant to work with. We are very satisfied with the work he did for us.

Henry Bell

President, PCI Financial Services

Joven did complete projects for us. We have worked for several years with him and are satisfied with the work he did. He has passion for his work and it is fun to work with him.

Frans van der Meer


gong-gong headI have been using WordPress since 2009 and along the way I have been expanding, learning and improving my skills to meet the demands of my clients.

I build, customize and manage WordPress sites and provide ongoing customer support, fair pricing, user-friendly, browser compatible and mobile ready.

I only have few examples of sites completed because some sites I’m bound by a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA), you can check the portfolio here.

I’m flexible with minimal supervision, I treat every project as if it was my own and I always deliver by any means necessary.

I don’t like re-inventing the wheel, if there are faster and easier way to complete a site without sacrificing quality, then I would choose that option any time of the day.

Since the only purpose of a website is to communicate, my primary goal is to provide quality websites that are not only search engine friendly but user friendly as well, making sure that your site delivers the message you want for your visitors and turn your traffics into sales.

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"It is really not the number of things you do, but the EFFICIENCY of each separate action that counts."

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